Leander ISD Vision

Every student is encouraged, supported and challenged to achieve the highest levels of knowledge, skills and character.

I believe strongly in the LISD Vision, and I would like to amplify some of the details for you.

Every student Our job is to meet the educational needs of every student, regardless of background, intellectual gifts, temperament, gender, race, ...whatever.  Each student was created by God and deserves our best. We must never focus on any one group to the exclusion of others.
is encouraged, Young people need encouragement if they are to do their best.  They need adults to help them visualize what they can accomplish, and convince them to try.
supported Our students also need our support.  They need to know that we love them and that we're on their team, no matter what.  We all know that children who grow up in strong, supportive families do best in the world.  We need to extend that support to the classroom, and provide all the more support for those who don't have it at home.
and challenged We live in a tough and often merciless world, and we must prepare our children by always challenging them to achieve.  This is also an important social goal, if the United States is to remain strong.
to achieve the highest levels The challenge must be for each student to accomplish all that is possible with the gifts God has given him or her.
of knowledge, It is essential to know about our world.  One cannot understand a newspaper or book without the background knowledge to interpret it, or practice critical thinking without something to think about.
skills Skills are essential to each of us, because we must ever expand our knowledge, communicate, build analyze, repair, etc.  Who can function without reading, writing and arithmetic -- not to mention critical thinking skills, practical living skills and computer skills?
and character. Character is fundamental the most important of all. For example, without the character trait of self-discipline, there will be little learning or achievement of any kind.  Without character, a society cannot endure, as we see from the problems of cultures where character is not valued.  It is essential that we help our students develop good character.


Pol. adv. by Jim Sneeringer