Questions & Answers

How would you hold administration accountable for student achievement?

The best single measure of schools is at (which adjusts for socioeconomic status), and I advocate LISD’s using the highest standard by striving to be at the top of their ratings. I have been a consistent proponent of academic excellence and accountability for student achievement. I have advocated written curriculum standards, a curriculum management audit, mentoring for at-risk students, a KIPP Academy and a focus on a culture of academic achievement.  We are currently developing success measures that can be used to provide bonuses for the new superintendent based on the performance of the district, a plan that I strongly support.

What are the most important aspects of your role as a school board member?

School board members should work as a team to provide vision and leadership, and relentlessly strive to improve schools by

  • focusing on learning and character in the midst of the many distractions that plague schools,
  • insisting on research-based pedagogy,
  • ensuring that teachers know their subjects, and
  • establishing a climate where (in the words of the LISD Vision) “Every student is encouraged, supported and challenged to achieve the highest levels of knowledge, skills and character.”

What are the most critical issues in the school district today? What activities are needed to resolve each of these issues?

Things are going well in LISD. Student achievement is improving; we are establishing a culture of excellence in learning and character, and coping well with very rapid growth. However, we can always do better, and should never be complacent. In particular, I would like to increase accountability for students and educators, make sure class time is used efficiently, increase parent involvement, improve student motivation, get even more students in advanced classes, expand the student mentoring program, and improve service to our parents, students and citizens.



Pol. adv. by Jim Sneeringer